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Yes, You Can Sell Via LinkedIn!

In fact, LinkedIn has an entire group called LinkedIn's Sales Solutions Team, focused on helping sales professionals get more business. They have a premium service called Sales Navigator, so clearly, LinkedIn is banking on the fact that we will use it to sell. It's a powerful tool that allows salespeople to amplify their networking reach beyond the confines of the traditional business breakfast/cup of coffee. 


Expand Your Reach!

Sales Is a numbers game! LinkedIn gives you 15 InMails a month with Sales Navigator* – What they don’t advertise is that you can send a connection request paired with a message – at least 100 a day per account not to mention up to 100 InMails a day without ever losing a credit valued at 10.00 per InMail current market value basically breaks down to 1000.00 bonus bucks you save.per day.  That's right, you do the math and there is no error in this configuration.  Last but not least.  Having the Sales Navigator Account opens the door for you to offer permission based propositions and or Solicitations.  Other accounts like Recruiter and Premium are very clear on the policy and the fact that they cannot solicitate or offer proposition.  Yes, these accounts actually had a meaning all along.  Make sure you choose the correct account that is universal which allows recruiting and Proposition.  Basically having a Sales Navigator over any other is the best no brainer option when combined with the Social Lead Sniper. 


Close the deal

We have figured out the best way to start your engagement on LinkedIn.  Using our permission based tactics will prevent you from being cross sold.  Your conversation will be 100% based on how you can help your prospect and assist them vs the current methods which I find to be  more Bait and Switch.  I have found on Linkedin that most of your prospects do not want to be sold nor appreciate fake followups processes tricking them to do so.  Who likes fake friends or falsely geared meetings ?  So why not target and use the power of communication to Introduce your self and your business by establishing who your are, what you have, and why they may be interested everyday?   I call it the 3 W's.
Following these strategies using the Social Lead Sniper allow the prospect to be curious and decide if they would like to learn more and you not wasting time trying to cross sell and actually spend time closing clients!

Why is the SLS effective?


After years of Engineering the Social Lead Sniper we now have a stable consistency of Processes we automate which will allow us to be versatile and able to gain the attention of any type of potential client using multiple methods per day per one account.  This keeps you from over using your account and most importantly allows you to use the full capabilities of your Sales Navigator Account on LinkedIn.  Most only use 20% of the accounts capabilities.  Why not unlock the other 80%...


Since I personally assist you with setup, campaigns, and custom personal usage simulation you will not have to experience the learning curve most have to when attempting to use or get started with a new platform.  While most take 2-4 weeks to get running we get your Social Lead Sniper setup running live with 1.5 hours.  Talk about acceleration and guaranteed learning curve! 

Targeted Permission Based Marketing

Targeting people who only have an interest in connecting, converting them into a fully informed audience, with no ambiguity of your intention - definitely more effective than television and radio advertising.  Not to mention you control your traffic and your potential clients.  When actual targeting and similar client custom searches are conducted the result is incomparable. 

How stable is the Social Lead Sniper?


100% Live User Transparency Protection

Many automation tools / bots exist.  Why choose the Social Lead Sniper?  What's the problem with the other guys' solutions?
They change the interface of LinkedIn, which puts you or your clients' account at risk of being banned if you do not use software that is coded correctly following the proper calls their Web Api's use through Web Navigation. Our solution runs within its own window and is 100% no different then you using your account using 1 of 3 browsers just like when you are online.  That's right 100% transparent and is YOU!  What's the problem with Web Based or Plugin Solutions?
Plugins and api based web driven solutions are high risk and jeopardize our account.  They are 100% detectable and will lead to account closure every time.
Plugins are easy to make and fast for distribution.  Usually low dollar and very affordable monthly rates.  Do not let that saturation market take away your concentration on the real way and most effective methods.

Why do you not allow proxies or multi account usage on one Social Lead Sniper system?
Multi Account usage on one PC and or same IP is a serious violation.  Most think using proxies will allow them to bypass this and they learn the hard way.  You will lose your account the minute their safety team discovers that block and they will.  They always will.     When it comes to your account and or your clients accounts I strive to make sure you are always operating transparent and most importantly on safe limits avoiding issues other get for running to hot or sending in the mass.  Lets think quality over quantity here.  All our processes are backed by messaging that is compliant and permission based preventing spamming issues.     If you're going to go outside of LinkedIn's terms, at least fly under the radar and stay away from those browser based plug-in, multi thread bots, and shared web solutions.  Most importantly make sure you have the right methods and teachings!  Do not make the mistakes a lot do.  I cannot help you if you do not have a working LinkedIn Account.  Account guidance and good practice advice is offered at no additional cost for all my Social Lead Sniper user.  I truly want you to maximize your account and most importantly never have down time due to account issues.    


Consistent Automatic Updates

One thing I have found with most platforms is the delay of run time.  With the Social Lead Sniper we run on a tri browser process eliminating browser downtime most plugin experience should a browser be down with LinkedIn.  Most importantly since I am the Engineer who developed and maintains updating all updates are done on real time in house and generally less then a 2 hour downtime.  All updates are automatic and one button push to instantly download new version keeping things instant and as easy as pressing update. 


Live Direct Customer Support

The difference between the Social Lead Sniper and all other systems rests on this one part here.  Live one on one direct support handled on real time, same day addressing.  That's right.  You do not have to wait days for answers or assistance.  In fact all SLS users are backed by a Customer support warranty.  When you use the SLS you are assured that your campaign is warrantied and your Social Lead Sniper is running 100% with little or no down time.  Consistency is the key and stellar support is why the Social Lead Sniper is the premier choice for over 2000+ users and backed by over 65 Digital Marketing Agencies across the United States and Canada!